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Financial Professionals: There Is A Customer Who Needs Your Help!

Fifty-nine and one-half or older, your customer has spent a lifetime working hard and saving money to accumulate wealth. Now, your customer wants to explore ways of accessing the appreciated capital. Your client may want to use this capital to create a fixed stream of income for life.

Learn how 54Freedom Gift Annuities can help.

54Benefacts - Benefits and Tax Planning

Donors: Setting Your Assets Free to Do Good Work

If you are fifty-nine and one-half or older and like most people our age, you have spent a lifetime working hard and saving money. You probably own assets that have appreciated a great deal over the years. As a result, you are probably facing large capital gains tax, should you access this capital.

Put your capital to work, for others and yourself.

Medical, Health and Wellness Plans

Not-for-Profit Administrators: Providing Options to Donors Is Critical

Are you doing everything that you can to attract major gifts? Donors have many choices when it comes to the charitable causes that need their support. Especially in today's economy, having a solid "case for support" and the ability to market your organization is critical.

We can help you offer choices.

Entreprenuership, Loral Radio and LiveOutLoud

Entrepreneurship, Loral Radio and LiveOutLoud

Make $500 to $1,000 extra a month by getting paid for the things you already do. Get started interacting with Loral and the LiveOutLoud team today!

Entrepreneurship, Loral Radio and LiveOutLoud

Job Opportunities - Become an Enroller

Job Opportunities - Become an Enroller

Be a part of the 54Freedom team - become an enroller. Generate renewal income through part-time and home based work. We offer opportunities for all and you determine how much money you earn.

Job Opportunities

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